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Individual learning plan

Qualified teachers and tutors

Flexible time and place for the lessons

One-to-one lessons, intensive lessons and group lessons provided to private individuals, companies and other organisations

Integration and refugee language courses (BAMF)

Business German and English

Preparation for German Language Certificates (Goethe)

Simultaneous interpreting training

Languages we offer at the moment:




Unlimited flexibility

When learning with the Language Tuition Online Language School, you will be able to choose the time and place for your lessons that fits your calendar and needs. This allows even the busiest student to find a time to learn the language of their choice. You are equally flexible when it comes to the location of the course: you can take it either in person or via Skype using a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop computer. All you need is an internet connection.

Customer satisfaction is our mission

By setting up a “made to measure” learning plan we make sure that your precious time is used in a most effective way. We act as guides in the world of the languages who help you to discover and understand the new language plus the culture within the language. Our mission is to keep your continued development on an upward progression, and to support your learning of a new language with enthusiasm.

Four steps for your success

·       Assessing your current language level

·       Setting up a learning schedule – “How, What and When” do you learn

·       Regular lessons including speaking, reading, listening and writing

·       Specific preparation for language certificates and exams

One lesson usually lasts 45 minutes. However, exceptions are possible and a subject to discussion when setting up the learning schedule.


The tuition is provided based on the European Framework for Languages using certified teaching materials offered by leading publisher houses (Klett, Hueber, Prolog etc.). We offer special preparation courses for German language certificates (Goethe certificates) using specific books and resources which make sure, you have mastered the required level of language competence.

Achieving your goals faster

If you are interested in fast progress you should consider one-to-one sessions. These are much more intensive and effective than group sessions. You are able to achieve your goals faster and profit from the undivided attention of the teacher. If you are interested in this option, please make sure to add the information “one-to-one lessons” when submitting the contact form.